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Semi-direct bonded magnesia-chrome bricks

  Semi-direct bonded magnesia-chrome bricks are made on the base of
 technology for common magnesia-chrome bricks, by means of improved
technology and with addition of some additives. With good corrosion
 resistance and spalling resistance and easiness of kiln coating, the
 product is suitably used in burning zone of dry method cement kilns
with capacity of under 1500t/d, also for lybol kilns and wet method
cement kiln. They are excellent substitution for common magnesia-chrome bricks.


    Data sheet of Semi-direct bonded magnesia-chrome bricks



common magnesia-chrome bricks

Semi-direct bonded magnesia-chrome bricks

MgO, %



Cr2O3, %



AP, %



0.2MPa T2 RUL, ℃






Thermal shock resistance (1100℃, water-cooling), cycle




                             Magnesia bricks and forsterite bricks

Common magnesia brick

   The common magnesia brick is made from sintered
 dense magnesia clinkers,which is characterized 
 by highre fractoriness,good corrosion resistance and has 
found wide applications in glass  tank furnace,lime

 kilns, non-ferrous furnaces, 


  hot metal mixer,alloy making furnace and electric furnaces and 
so on.The magnesia brick with over 95% MgO 

content is made using two-step sintered magnesia clinker or 
fused magnesia clinker as raw materials and  

firing at high temperature. With high direct bonding rate and
 goodcorrosion resistance, the brick has been 
widely used in various high temperature furnaces and kilns.

                  Forsterite brick

    The forsterite brick is made using synthesized material 
of olive and serpentine as raw materials and shaped under high

 pressure and firing at high temperature. It has good corrosion
 resistance and high-temperature strength and has been used

  in glass kiln regenerator successfully.  

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