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Dongfang Ancai Refractories Co.,Ltd.ACRC

   This company,subordinated to Dongfang Group, is specialized in R & D, manufacturing of fused cast refractories including fused cast AZS33#,AZS 36#,AZS 41#,fused cast alpha-beta Al2O3,beta Al2O3 blocks with annua capacity of 15000 tons.

                                     Fused casting AZS blocks

      The fused cast AZS blocks are made by using zircon(or zirconia) and alumina powder as main raw materials, melted in electric arc furnace and cast before annealing. With more C+Z eutectics and suitable amount of glass phase,the fused cast AZS blocks produced by ACRC, characterized by dense structure, very good corrosion resistance against hot glass, have found wide application in key areas of glass tank furnace at home and have exported to USA, France, Italy, Germany, Egypt and southeast countries.










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