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        branch companies


    Branch Companies of Dongfang Group:
     .  Ancai Refractories Co., Ltd. (ACRC) for fused cast AZS blocks and fused cast alumina blocks;

    .  Dongfang Sience & Technology Company Ltd. for silica bricks, high alumina and fireclay bricks;

    . Dongfang Xingwang Refractories Co., Ltd. for thermal insulating products with density of 0.4,
    0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2g/cm

    . Sanli Special Refractories Co., Ltd. for sintered AZS and zircon bricks and sillimanite bricks;

    .  Dongfang Monolithic Refractories Co. Ltd. for unshaped refractories including castables,
    ramming mix and mortars;

    .  Dongfang Refsource Int’l Ltd. for nitride bonded SiC products for aluminium cell,
    incinerators and iron-making facilities




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