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Zhengzhou Dongfang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd (shortened to Dongfang Group ), is specialized in production, R & D, and service of high grade refractories, granted with ISO-9002 and ISO-14001 certifications in succession, and attached with six branch companies, Dongfang Group has over 2000 employees and total assets of 350 million Yuan RMB and equipped with about 800 sets of equipment and devices for production, testing, and R & D, including one 5t and two 3t electric furnaces; 4 hi-temperature tunnel kilns with 120-168 meters length; 4 gas-fired shuttle kilns; one automatic production line for tailored refractories; 43 sets of friction presses with capacity from 315t to 1000t; 67 sets of grinding machines, 800 m2 of pre-assembly platform; 10 sets of nitridation furnaces as well as automatic batching system and advanced testing and packing facilities, the company has an annual capacity of 120,000 tons refractories as follows:
Special products: Fused-cast AZS blocks (33#, 36#, 41#) and fused-cast alumina blocks, sintered AZS bricks, sintered chrome-corundum bricks and zircon bricks ; corundum bricks, corundum-mullite bricks, sillimanite bricks;
Aluminosilicate products: Super low-porosity fireclay bricks, high-alumina bricks, low-creep high-alumina bricks, hollow-ware bricks for ingot casting; silica bricks for coke oven and glass furnace;
High strength Insulating bricks: mullite based and high alumina based insulating brick with density of 0.5, 0.8, 1.0 1.2 and also high strength insulating boards with CCS of over 10 MPa for ladles, torpedo car;
Nitride bonded SiC products: nitride bonded SiC, Si3N4+Si2N2O bonded SiC, Si3N4+Sialon bonded SiC products.

Branch Companies of Dongfang Group:
 Dongfang Ancai Refractories Co., Ltd. (ACRC) for fused cast AZS and fused cast alumina blocks;
 Dongfang Sience & Technology Company Ltd. for bricks of silica, high alumina, fireclay and mullite bricks; 
 Xingwang Refractories Co., Ltd. for insulating bricks;
 Sanli Special Refractories Co., Ltd.For sintered AZS and zircon bricks, chrome corundum bricks/burners;
 Dongfang Monolithic Refractories Co., Ltd For Unshaped refractories: castables, ramming mixes, mortars; 
 Dongfang Refsource International Co., Ltd. For nitride bonded SiC products for aluminium cell, incinerators, ironmaking facilities etc.
Our products have been exported to Italy, USA, Germany, France, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Korea and etc. We warmly welcome business cooperation from home and abroad!



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